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Geophysical Sciences

Fitchburg State University

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Interpreting recent carbon dioxide data part of Cutting Edge:Climate Change:Activities
This activity engages students in viewing and downloading web-accessed data sets to examine latitudinal trends in CO2 over (recent) time and to interpret a time series of CO2 data from a selected location.

Should iron fertilization be used to mitigate global warming? part of GeoEthics:Activities
Elizabeth Gordon, Fitchburg State University Summary STILL IN DEVELOPMENT Students engaged in this activity examine the scientific and ethical dimensions of iron fertilization as a geoengineering strategy to ...

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Oceanography at Fitchburg State University part of Math You Need:Implementations
Implementor(s): Elizabeth Gordon Enrollment: 22-25 Anticipated Start Date: Fall 2011 Challenges to using math in introductory geoscience Fitchburg State University is a four-year public institution with a diverse ...

Meteorology at Fitchburg State University part of Math You Need:Implementations
This page is designed to provide a guide to a planned implementation ofThe Math You Need, When You Need It. It will change as the implementation proceeds at this institution. Please check back regularly for ...


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