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Sponsorship Policy

Revised 13 November, 2006

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers sponsors activities in support of the mission of the organization. The mission of NAGT is:

  1. To foster improvements in the teaching and learning about earth as a system at all levels of formal and informal instruction
  2. To emphasize the relevance and cultural significance of Geoscience to all people
  3. To foster and disseminate knowledge of and research in Geoscience education
  4. To promote professional growth of our members
Sponsorship typically means endorsement of the activity and may include a small amount of financial support. Members may receive up to a maximum of $300 per sponsorship request to defray costs of sponsored activities. Requests for sponsorship will be reviewed more favorably if they have the endorsement of the applicant's NAGT section leadership.

Purpose of Sponsorship:

  • To establish cooperation between the organization and activities undertaken by members or associated organizations
  • To enhance the visibility of Geoscience education

Types of Activities that may receive sponsorship:

  • Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Field Trips
  • Proposals to funding agencies
  • Products to be disseminated (NAGT must be integrally involved in the development of these products)

Criteria of Sponsorship:

  • Aligns with NAGT's mission and strategic plan
  • Engages or expands NAGT membership

Requirements for Sponsorship:

  • Completion of the NAGT Sponsorship Application
  • Approval by the NAGT executive Committee, conveyed by the president in writing
  • NAGT must be acknowledged on all materials associated with the activity—handouts, flyers, advertisements, proposals to funding agencies, etc.
  • If a website is associated with the project, NAGT will provide a link to the website, and expects the project website to provide a link to NAGT's web page.
  • A report must be submitted on the project annually in time for the Council Meeting, which takes place at the annual national meeting of GSA.