JGE 1992 - Volume 40


Delphi Study on Barriers to Environmental Education
Haydn Algardi Fox, Jr., Clemson University
John R. Carpenter, University of South Carolina
A "Delphi Study" was conducted in which a panel of 23 experts in the field of environmental or science education were asked to list the barriers to environmental education in the elementary grades of public schools. Their responses were condensed into 12 categories. The panelists were again contacted an asked to rank-order by importance the 12 types of barriers. By far, the number one barrier was seen to be a lack of teacher knowledge in the areas of both environmental and science education. Because it affects both teachers and administrators, the education barrier is closely tied to many of the other barriers, including logistical and attitudinal barriers. The solution to the problems may be to make environmental education and integral part of preservice teacher education so that both future teachers and future administrators become more aware of the importance of environmental education in our public school systems Additionally, massive efforts should be conducted to educate administrators and in-service teachers about environmental education.
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