JGE 1998 - Volume 46


A Cooperative Learning Exercise Using Glacial Gravels
Daniel Rolf Tucker, University of Southwestern Louisiana
Melinda Riddler Tucker, University of Southwestern Louisiana
William Albert Rieck, University of Southwestern Louisiana Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 611kB Sep12 05)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p41


A Modular Earth-Science Curriculum
Richard Joseph Diecchio George Mason University Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 73kB Feb28 06)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p337

The Zen of Research
Leon Emry Borgman University of Wyoming
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 99kB Feb28 06)
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Inquiry Teaching and Its Effects on Secondary-School Students' Learning of Earth Science Concepts
Song-Ling Mao and Chun-Yen Chang National Taiwan Normal University
James P. Barufaldi University of Texas at Austin Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 105kB Feb28 06)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p363

A Demographic Survey Relevant to Earth-Science Teachers as Mentors and Role Models for Minority Students
Louis E. Zappo Central Middle School
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 134kB Feb28 06)
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A Simple Exercise About Awareness And Analysis of Error
Neil Andrew Wells Kent State University
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 73kB Feb28 06)
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Hands-On Laboratory Exercises for an Undergraduate Hydrgoelogy Course
Ming-Kuo Lee, Auburn University
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 669kB Mar6 06)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p433

Can Earthquakes Be Predicted?
Michelle Hall-Wallace, University of Arizona
Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 1.1MB Mar2 06)
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The Godzilla Syndrome—Scientific Inaccuracies of Prehistoric Animals in the Movies Howard Ross Feldman Touro College
Jeffrey Wilson Sarah Lawrence College
URL for this article: http://nagt-jge.org/doi/pdf/10.5408/1089-9995-46.5.456

Natural Disasters as a Unifying Theme for an Interdisciplinary Science Course
Patrick Leon Abbott San Diego State University
Ernest Zebrowski, Jr. Pennsylvania College of Technology Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 95kB Feb28 06)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p471

Slide observations; promoting active learning,landscape appreciation, and critical thinking in introductory geology courses
Stephen Reynolds and Simon M. Peacock Arizona State University
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 2MB Jan29 09)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p476

A Critique of the "Research Basis" for the National Science Education Standards and the AAASBenchmarks for Science Literacy
Stan Metzenberg California State University Northridge
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 81kB Feb28 06)
URL for this article: http://www.nagt.org/nagt/jge/abstracts/1998.html#v46p484