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Antique cash register
Antique three-column full-keyboard cash register. Image from WikimediaCommons (public domain).

Billing and Payment

Thank you for submitting an advertisement to In The Trenches. We appreciate receiving prompt payment of your advertisement fee. With this in mind, we encourage advertisers to remit payment by credit card immediately after completing your In The Trenches Advertising Submission.

Invoices will be issued upon request or when advertising fees become overdue. Please contact the Executive Directors office to request an invoice.

Payment Form

If you are paying by check:
Make your check out to the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.
Send it to the address below and please include the invoice number on the memo line.

If you wish to pay by check without first receiving an invoice, please include "In The Trenches Advertising Fee" on the memo line and a short note describing your advertisement, the requested publication schedule, and your contact information.

c/o Carleton College W-SERC
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

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