Literature Review of Florida Red Tide: Implications for Human Health Effects

Barbara Kirkpatrick, Lora E. Fleming, Lorrie C. Squicciarini, Richard Clark Backer, William Abraham, Janet Benson, Yung Sung Cheng, David Johnson, Richard Pierce, Julia Zaias, Gregory D. Bossart, Daniel G. Baden, Mote Marine Laboratory

This 25-page Mote Marine Laboratory pdf reviews the literature on the known and possible human health effects of exposure to the Florida red tides and their toxins. The review includes discussion of the red tide organisms and their toxins, as well as the effects of these toxins on both wild and laboratory animals as they relate to possible human health effects and exposures.

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Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:EcologyKeywords: neurotoxic shellfish poisoning, NSP, brevetoxins, harmful algal bloom, HAB, Karenia brevis, shellfish poisoning, respiratory irritation, marine toxin diseases