SIBLE: Supportive Inquiry-Based Learning Environment Project

Louis Gomez, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

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Supportive Inquiry-Based Learning Environments (SIBLE) is a project that is researching and developing software and curriculum to promote reflective inquiry with computer-based investigation environments for K-12 science classrooms. The main feature of the site is the Progress Portfolio software tool which is availbale for free download. The Progress Portfolio is software that helps students conduct long-term inquiry projects on computers (e.g. visualization projects, web-based inquiry projects, explorations with CD-ROMs, simulations, digital libraries, etc.). It allows students to document and reflect on their work using an integrated suite of screen capture, annotation, organization, and presentation tools. In addition, teachers can use the Progress Portfolio to guide students in their work through the design of prompts and templates that encourage students to think about key issues as they work. One example exercise is provided on the web site. The site also has an index of several linked articles written about the Progress Portfolio and its applications.

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