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Teaching Resources

Geoscience Education Research

Geoscience education research involves the development, application, and testing of new teaching innovations and curricula, research questions, and hypotheses. NAGT is pleased to host an array of resources for the geoscience education research community.

NAGT works to foster improvement in the teaching of the Earth sciences at all levels of formal and informal instruction, to emphasize the cultural significance of the Earth sciences and to disseminate knowledge in this field to the general public. We support research-based teaching through professional development workshops and the sharing of cutting edge teaching materials.

Teaching Materials

The following resources are rooted in engaged teaching, which refers to using teaching approaches that encourage student-student interactions. Often, the instructor takes on the role of facilitator as opposed to lecturer in these approaches. Typically, student learning is higher using these methods and students use more high-order thinking skills while learning material in depth.

Geoscience Literacy Documents

NAGT is committed to improving geoscience education across the curriculum. This is particularly important as we face complex societal challenges to which geoscience perspectives can lend critical insight. Over the last several years, a number of efforts have defined key aspects of the geosciences in terms of the big ideas that need to be understood by students, the public, and policy makers. Click the images to learn more about the Geoscience Literacy documents and find some related teaching resources:

Atmospheric Science Literacy Cover Atmospheric Science
Climate Literacy Cover Climate
Earth Science Litereacy Cover Earth Science
Energy Litereacy Cover Energy
Ocean Science Litereacy Cover Ocean Science

Special Collections

Teaching with Maps: Created as a part of AGI's Earth Science Week 2013, this resource helps K12 teachers use maps in the classroom to invite curiosity, encourage exploration, and inspire problem solving.

Teaching Systems: Created as a part of AGI's Earth Science Week 2014, this resource helps K12 teachers encourage students to think in terms of Earth's systems to unite concepts and help them to understand the 'big picture' of why they are learning about the Earth.

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wksp Geoscience Workshops
NAGT sponsors geoscience workshops for faculty development and resource creation.
aragonite Rock and Mineral Exchange
This service from NAGT and MSA aims to bring together educators looking for samples for their classroom and others with samples available for donation or trade.
students using computer thubnail Contribute to the NAGT collections
You can help build the NAGT teaching collections and share your innovative expertise by submitting your own field trip activity or other kind of activity. Even if it's old hat to you, your colleagues across the country have a lot to learn from you.

You can also contribute to the collections by hosting a session at a professional meeting. The session should aim to collect activities and/or course materials, which NAGT can help store and disseminate via the website. Another avenue is to request NAGT to sponsor your program, which typically means endorsement of your program that support of the mission of the organization. View examples of sponsored program sites.