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Geoscience Literacy Documents

NAGT is committed to improving geoscience education across the curriculum. This is particularly important as we face grand societal challenges that require a geoscience perspective to fully understand and solve. Over the last several years, a number of efforts have been undertaken to define key aspects of the geosciences in terms of the big ideas that need to be grasped by students, the public, and policy makers. Learn more about the Geoscience Literacy documents that now include Atmospheric Science, Climate, Earth Science, Energy, and Ocean Science.

Teaching Materials

Geoscience educators at many levels need materials they can use in their classes and labs to teach important concepts and skills. As a part of its commitment to improving geoscience education, NAGT has been instrumental in fostering the development of a large number of activities and other materials to fill this need including sponsoring projects that produce teaching materials.

Teach the Earth portal
The Teach The Earth portal contains thousands of geoscience teaching activities and course descriptions from educators across the country. This is the overarching site that compiles all the geoscience resources contributed by years of projects and collaborations.

Starting Point- Teaching Entry Level Geoscience
Starting Point combines information about teaching methods with examples of their use in the introductory geoscience classroom. Teaching activities and course descriptions from faculty across the country demonstrate many ways to structure a more interactive classroom. A related project, Pedagogy in Action, broadens the scope of this strategy to all disciplines and grade levels.

On the Cutting Edge
On the Cutting Edge uses workshops to gather teaching materials from active scientists and faculty that are rooted in the latest geoscience research and teaching methods. Most of the teaching activities have now been reviewed by the community and those of particularly high value are now a part of the exemplary collection.

Preparing Teachers to Teach Earth Science
This project provides resources for those preparing pre- and in-service teachers in the Earth Sciences. Resource collections include teaching activities, professional development programs, profiles of teacher preparation courses, interviews with current K-12 Earth Science teachers, and more.

NAGT Teaching Activities
Activities submitted directly to NAGT either through workshops, sessions, or via the web. This collection includes materials from the Inquiry-Based, Hands-On Educational Activities collection and the Volcano Exploration Project: Pu'u O'o Activities.

Topical Resources

Teaching Geoscience and Sustainability
NAGT sponsors and collaborates with projects committed to improving geoscience education in the context of relevant societal challenges such as environmental degradation, food supply, energy needs, mineral resources, climate change and more. Many types of resources are available. InTeGrate focuses on increasing capacity to teach geoscience and societal issues. SISL focuses on drawing together interdisciplinary and disciplinary resources for a broad teaching audience.

Teaching with Data
Teaching with Data compiles pedagogic information about incorporating data into the classroom, including methods to design your own data-rich assignments. Example assignments are available to help you see what other faculty are already teaching.

Teaching in the Field
This part of the NAGT website aims to promote models for effective educational field trips to geoscientists and provide an archive of field guides furthering the ability of K-12 teachers, faculty, community groups, and others to lead scientifically accurate, pedagogically effective field trips.

Get Involved

Geoscience Workshops
NAGT sponsors geoscience workshops for faculty development and resource creation.

Rock and Mineral Exchange
This service from NAGT and MSA aims to bring together educators looking for samples for their classroom and others with samples available for donation or trade.

Contribute to the NAGT collections
You can help build the NAGT teaching collections and share your innovative expertise by submitting your own field trip activity or other kind of activity. Even if it's old hat to you, your colleagues across the country have a lot to learn from you.

You can also contribute to the collections by hosting a session at a professional meeting that collects activities and/or course materials, which NAGT can help store and disseminate. Another avenue is to request NAGT to sponsor your program, which typically means endorsement of your program that support of the mission of the organization.

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