Mars For Earthlings (MFE) GSA 2O12 Workshop

published Jul 12, 2012 10:39am
Mars For Earthlings Logo

MFE is a GSA ½ day Saturday (Nov. 3) workshop that will introduce Mars/Earth analog lesson modules for integration into undergraduate introductory earth or planetary science courses. Attendees will receive lesson modules and be guided through several modules.

This workshop will provide lesson modules integrating Earth analog concepts and recent Mars imagery to engage students in STEM disciplines. Lesson modules are easily integrated into any introductory classes. Accompanying hands-on activities will utilize Google Mars and JMARS software, as well as HiRISE imagery. Example topical themes include: "What is the evidence for water on Mars? (mineralogy, diagenesis, sedimentary geology, and surfaces processes)", "Is there life on Mars? (extremophiles and habitable environments)", and "How do craters shape the Martian landscape? (relative dating, stratigraphy, surfaces processes)". This workshop is open to any faculty and postdoctoral scientists/graduate students teaching undergraduate introductory earth or planetary science. Fee to include a coupon redeemable at the GSA bookstore onsite for $20 when registrant signs in at the course. Participants will need to bring their own laptops.

Be sure to sign up for the workshop when you register for the GSA Annual Meeting in Charlotte.