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NAGTrivia questions are contributed by NAGT members for the NAGT community, with a new question appearing each month in the NAGTNews e-newsletter sent to all members. The trivia questions are a way for members to share their knowledge and fun facts related to the Earth sciences, and they also hold potential as a teaching resource. Check your response to the latest NAGTrivia question below.

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February 2018

Between the establishment of the first National Park in the US in 1872 and the signing of the National Park Service Act (establishing one agency to oversee the National Parks) on August 25, 1916, twelve national parks were created (that are still in existence). How many of those parks are located at the site of active volcanism? This question was contributed by Jennifer Wenner, who has been an NAGT member since 2006
[CORRECT] Correct! These parks include (in order of creation) Yellowstone (1872), Mt. Rainier (1899), Crater Lake (1902), Hawaii Volcanoes (1916), and Lassen Volcanic (1916) National Parks.

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