NAGT sponsors programs, activities, and events that support our mission and goals. Requests for sponsorship should be submitted using the forms linked below depending on the type of sponsorship requested. If you aren't sure, or would like to discuss options and opportunities, please contact the Executive Director.

Sponsored Programs Sponsored Sessions and Events

Sponsorship Policy and Procedures

Revised 13 November, 2006
Revised and Approved by the NAGT Executive Committee, 16 March, 2019

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers seeks opportunities to support and promote a wide variety of geoscience education opportunities. For that reason, NAGT sponsors activities led by other organizations, groups, and individuals that are aligned with our mission and goals and abide by our ethics policy and code of conduct. The purposes of sponsorship are:

  1. To establish collaborations and cooperation between NAGT, its members, and other organizations
  2. To enhance the visibility and impact of geoscience education efforts
  3. To engage or expand NAGT membership

Sponsorship generally falls into two categories:

  • Programs: Programs are long-term efforts with multiple activities and promotional efforts. They may be funded by external agencies (e.g. NSF) or funded by the organization requesting sponsorship (e.g. AGU). Sponsorship of a program implies endorsement of the entire program, including its goals and all activities. (See all NAGT Sponsored Programs.)
    • Approval: Program sponsorship must be approved by a majority vote of the NAGT Executive Committee
    • Expectations for sponsored program: NAGT must be acknowledged as a sponsor on all materials associated with the program; if a website is associated with the project, the project website should provide a link to NAGT's web page; program agrees to abide by the NAGT Ethics Policy and Code of Conduct
    • Expectations of NAGT: NAGT will promote all activities of the sponsored program; if a website is associated with the project, NAGT will provide a link to the website
    • Request program sponsorship
  • Single events: Events include meeting sessions, field trips, short courses, and other short-term activities. Sponsorship of an event implies endorsement of that event only. (See NAGT-sponsored sessions at GSA and AGU.)
    • Approval: Event sponsorship must be approved by the NAGT Executive Committee officer who serves as the GSA Joint Technical Program Committee representative
    • Expectations for sponsored event: NAGT must be acknowledged as a sponsor of the event; NAGT Code of Conduct applies to event
    • Expectations of NAGT: NAGT will promote the event
    • Request sponsorship of an event or session
Not sure which to choose, or not funded yet? Individuals or organizations seeking collaboration or sponsorship for a proposal that is not yet funded should contact the Executive Director to discuss options and opportunities.

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