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NAGT Officers: Roles and Responsibilities

NAGT is, for the most part, a volunteer organization. It is run by the Executive Committee that includes a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, past president, secretary/treasurer, editor of the Journal of Geoscience Education, executive director, executive representative, and six councilors-at-large. For specific information about each of these positions, please see the NAGT Constitution, ARTICLE 5.

The Executive Committee conducts the official business of NAGT. This includes such activities as long-range planning for the organization, oversight of its publications, assisting regional sections in planning and executing their activities, managing the budget, planning and executing activities at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America and other meetings, interacting with other organizations, and many other related activities.

The President and Vice-Presidents serve 1-year terms. The Secretary/Treasurer and Councelors-at-Large are elected for 3-year terms.

The NAGT Council is made up of the national Officers and the immediate Past-President, the President from each Section and Division (or their representative), standing committee chairs, and official Representatives to other geoscience associations. The Council is advisory in function; it makes recommendations regarding policy and reviews activities of the Association.

Responsibilities include:

Attendance at face-to-face and virtual meetings of the Executive Committee and/or Council.

See the Meeting Schedule page for more information on the standing topics for each of the meetings.

Liaison duties: Each member of the Executive Committee is a liaison for a regional section of NAGT. The type of work this involves for the liaison depends on the level of activity in the section. Tasks may involve communicating with a vibrant section or trying to resurrect a non-functional section.

Officer tasks: Much of the work of NAGT is performed by the Executive Committee. Therefore each member of the Committee will take on tasks to perform between meetings depending on the interests, abilities of the Councilor and the needs of the organization. Members should decide what area(s) of NAGT's functions and outreach they are interested in and volunteer in those areas.

Communication: Much business is transacted between meetings via e-mail communication, so electronic conversations go on throughout the year.

Semi-annual report: A written report of each Executive Committee member's activities and accomplishments between meetings is submitted approximately two weeks prior to the annual and mid-year meetings. These reports are distributed prior to the meetings so that all Executive Committee members are up-to-date and ready for discussions at the meetings. Following the meetings, the reports are made available to the membership and broader community via the NAGT website.

Meeting technical sessions: NAGT sponsors education-related sessions at GSA and other professional meetings. Executive Committee members are encouraged to contribute session ideas by the appropriate deadlines.

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