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Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award

Voting Deadline - 1/31/18

Award Voting

Please read through the 2017 OAFA nominee profiles below and then vote for your choice using this form.

2017 Nominee Bios

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Martha Murphy – Santa Rosa Junior College

If I am awarded the stipend, I plan on attending NAGT's Earth Educators' Rendezvous in Lawrence, Kansas in the summer of 2018. I attended the first Rendezvous in Boulder, Colorado in 2015 as both an attendee and a presenter, and I took away from it many new skills and ideas. The Rendezvous provides an opportunity to learn from and network with other educators, either in multi-day or one-time workshops. There are no travel funds at my school for me to attend these kinds of gatherings, so I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend again.

Sherry Oaks – Front Range Community College

Sherry teaches a variety of geology courses at Front Range Community College. She has also served as an AAAS/AGU Congressional Fellow with George Brown of California and as an Earth System Science Fellow from Pennsylvania State University working with the UN Global Committee on Climate Change.

Wendi J. Williams – NorthWest Arkansas Community College

I value the positive consequences of implementing Universal Design principles with my classes to enhance learning while purposefully broadening inclusion of diverse populations (e.g. English Language Learners, student demographics underrepresented in STEM fields, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities). Now that there is a greatly increased presence of Earth and Space Science (ESS)content in the state's science frameworks (resulting from Arkansas' 2015 rolling implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards), my science sections tend to have many elementary and middle childhood teaching candidates enrolled in order to apply ESS lab science credits toward education degree tracks needed to obtain licensure. It is also a priority of mine to volunteer outside the community college for STEM outreach to K –12 groups as well as facilitating workshops that engage a broader teaching community, such as other 2YC and 4YCU faculty (e.g. 2017 Earth Educators' Rendezvous) and regional community stakeholders (e.g. non-profits including a children's museum, water quality alliances, waste management and sustainability educators, and state park interpreters). My aim is to have a multiplier effect by providing the benefit of Universal Design to my students and by "training the trainers" (the K-12 pre-and in-service teachers and informal educators), with the goal of their providing inclusive active learning opportunities through multiple ways of "doing." If awarded the stipend, the funds would be used to purchase both reusable and consumable items for Universal Design strategies used to support my students' experiences, as well as facilitate training of STEM educators who also bring science to K-higher education student populations.