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NAGT sponsors a comprehensive webinar series that is sure to be your one-stop-shop for strengthening work in Earth education. The webinar series will address themes such as improving teaching and learning, addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Earth education, implementing the NGSS, strengthening your department, and engaging with communities and society. The webinars provide opportunities for you to learn from your peers, as well as experts, and are designed to provide ample opportunity for discussion and interaction. Webinars will feature novel and innovative work in Earth education research and pedagogy, new teaching materials, and classroom and professional experiences of people like you. The NAGT webinar series is free and we encourage you to invite your colleagues to attend.

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Promotion, tenure, and the value of diversity, equity and inclusion work
May 26 2022 Joshua Villalobos, El Paso Community College Aaron Velasco, University of Texas- El Paso Aradhna Tripati, University of California- Los Angeles Ana Christina Ravelo, University of California- Santa Cruz Tessa Hill, UC-Davis
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