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October 2021- Our Annual Salute to Outstanding Earth Educators

Redina Finch (Western Illinois University), Editor in Chief
Nancy Ashmore, Managing Editor

In the Trenches is a full color, 16-page hard copy publication, designed to provide a forum for geosciences education dialogue targeting educators in the classroom. It provides a venue for contributors to inform NAGT members about their best teaching ideas, resources or other special topics relevant to our profession that do not lend themselves to more research-focused journals. The idea is to provide a more informal outlet for ideas and experiences that can inform the larger community.

While the overall format varies from issue-to-issue, each volume includes a variety of articles, columns and reviews. Each edition includes a color cover photo highlighting an education experience, resource or situation. Every issue has a short lead article (around 2000 words) that is reviewed by the editor and one or more members of the Executive Committee. That lead article will be on a topic of broad interest to a major segment of our membership. In the Trenches also includes several sidebar columns. Some sidebars span several issues, others stand alone. Examples include classroom-ready K-12 resources, teaching in large classes, using research data in the classroom or assessment strategies. Book reviews, descriptions of geosciences educations software or datasets, biographies of leading geoscientists or other general interest materials are also welcome. Other short items include descriptions of active-learning lab activities with links to the resources needed or more lighthearted material such as classroom quips or member musings. When possible, we include news bits that highlight upcoming events in regional sections, NAGT business items, networking and mentoring opportunities or advertising relevant to teachers in the classroom. Our goal is to provide a useful, but more casual resource that serves your needs and becomes a favorite publication on your routine reading list.

To supplement the print publication, each issue of In the Trenches will have a webpage where links from the issue can be accessed and additional information will be posted relating to the theme of the issue. Additional web resources and news items will also be publicized via this webpage.

Members wishing to contribute ideas for content can use the Content Suggestion form to submit their ideas to the editors. Members wishing to write a letter to the editor that reflects or responds to recent content in the journal can do so using this form.

Information on advertising is available on the In The Trenches Advertising page.

All Issues

Volume 11 (2021) Issues

October 2021 - Our Annual Salute to Outstanding Earth Educators
July 2021 - Inspiring Teacher Leaders and Authentic Learning
April 2021 - Geoscience Education and Climate Change Advocacy
January 2021- Inspirational Experiences for Students

Volume 10 (2020) Issues

October 2020-Celebrating Outstanding Earth Educators
July 2020 - Unconventional Approaches for Unconventional Times
April 2020 - Fostering Future Geoscientists & COVID-19 Updates
January 2020 - Competing for Geoscience Education Excellence

Volume 9 (2019) Issues

October 2019 - Celebrating Earth Science Teachers Who Inspire
July 2019 - Expanding, Advancing the Geoscience Community
April 2019—Appreciating and Teaching Economic Geology
January 2019—Active Learning: In the Field, Classroom, and VR

Volume 8 (2018) Issues

October 2018—Celebrating Teachers Who Inspire
July 2018—Making Earth Science Visible, Accessible, and Engaging
April 2018—Perspectives on Science and Religion
January 2018—Seismology Lessons with Deep and Lasting Impact

Volume 7 (2017) Issues

October 2017—Exploring the Critical Zone, Earth's Outer Skin
July 2017 - Focusing on the Great American Eclipse: August 21, 2017
April 2017 - Promoting Geoscience Literacy and Advocacy
January 2017 - Teaching Weather and Climate

Volume 6 (2016) Issues

October 2016 - Recognizing NAGT's Outstanding Earth Science Educators for 2016
July 2016 - Transdisciplinary Teaching
April 2016 - Teaching Oceanography - Part Two
January 2016 - Teaching Oceanography - Part 1

Volume 5 (2015) Issues

October 2015 - Teachers Who Tell You Where To Look, But Not What To See...
July 2015 - Teaching about Fracking and the Energy System
April 2015 - Undergraduate Research in the First Two Years
January 2015 - Teaching Climate Change

Volume 4 (2014) Issues

October 2014 - The Power of Place in Geoscience Education
July 2014 - Looking at Earth Science from a New Perspective
April 2014 - Earth Science Standards for the Next Generation
January 2014 - Training Your Students' Eyes on the Skies: Teaching about Weather

Volume 3 (2013) Issues

October 2013 - Tablet Tricks: Ways to Carry the Field Back to the Classroom
July 2013 - Teaching Resources to Jazz Up Your Classes
April 2013 - Teaching Pre-Service Teachers About Earth Science
January 2013 - Teaching Teachers Via Research, Publishing, and Inquiry-Driven Exploration

Volume 2 (2012) Issues

October 2012 - Lab Activities to Engage Active Learners
July 2012 - Karst: Connecting with Students in their Backyards
April 2012 - By the Numbers: Improving Quantitative Literacy
January 2012 - Thinking About Thinking, Learning, and Teaching

Volume 1 (2011) Issues

October 2011 - Shake Up the Curriculum with Seismic Data
July 2011 - Place-Based Learning
April 2011 - Teaching in the Field
January 2011 - Climate Change

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