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Free Specimens for Colleagues

Michael Davis, University of California - Riverside

Description of Available Specimens

How many pieces are available: Large Collection

  • gabbros, anorthosites, peridotites (from seven different layered intrusive formations in Peninsular Ranges)
  • skarns (Old and New City quarries, Riverside)
  • serpentinized peridotite (Trinity terrane, No. Calif.)
  • andesites and basaltic andesites (Santiago Peak formation)
  • meta-rhyolite porphyry (Poway cobbles; Ballena fm)
  • glaucophane schist (blueschist) and eclogites from Catalinia Schist/San Onofre fms - collected Camp Pendleton
  • mela-phonolite (Montana)

Additional Information

Specimens are free to teachers. Would appreciate reimbursement for postage. Always looking to trade or purchase rare or unusual igneous rocks.