Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2013

NAGT Identity Guidelines and Logo Use

The guidelines and standards that follow are provided to facilitate the appropriate and effective use of the graphic identity standards of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

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NAGT Graphic Standards and Guidelines

Download a PDF of the Graphics Standards and Guidelines Manual (Acrobat (PDF) 1017kB Apr3 12).

The Goal

To consistently present the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) and its subsidiaries in an easy-to-recognize and easy-to-use manner that conveys the professional nature of the organization, its mission, and its commitment to excellence.


  • By diligently applying a distinctive, professional graphic identity system that also suggests the mission of the association, NAGT will communicate what it does in a consistent fashion and establish itself as an institution of high worth and quality.
  • Adhering to these guidelines also will streamline production, reducing work for volunteers and reducing the potential for errors.


  • These guidelines illustrate the ways the logos of the NAGT and its subsidiary groups should and should not be used.
  • They note the typefaces and ink colors used in the official logos.
  • They list visually compatible low- or no-cost typefaces that can be used for secondary headlines and text blocks in print and web projects.
  • Crisp, clean, downloadable logos in a variety of formats are available for both the Association and the Sections and Divisions.

Who? When? What?

  • Who is entitled to use official NAGT logos? Projects and individuals that have received sponsorship or support from NAGT are authorized to use these logos.
  • When should official logos be used? Always, of course. A logo should appear on every piece of print and web communication associated with NAGT. And it should be one of the official ones. Why spend time cobbling up something different which may not reproduce well when you easily can download something sharp and in conformance with NAGT standards?
  • Which logo should you use? The one that best fits your budget and your means of production.

What Else?

  • Because its online resources are a vital part of the service NAGT provides to educators, include the URL of the NAGT home page in boldface somewhere in every printed piece.

If you don't find the answers to your design and production questions in this manual, get answers to specific questions by emailing them to Mitchell Bender-Awalt.

The NAGT Logo

The logos of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers contain two elements, a graphic representation of mountains and the initials of the association's name. They are available in two configurations (stacked and horizontal) and in both black and two-color (black-and-green and white-and-green) combinations.

Stacked Version

NAGT Logo-Stacked Black (a 487 by 675 pixel WebP)
NAGT Logo-Stacked Black (a 488 by 676 pixel WebP)
NAGT Logo-Stacked Black (TIFF) (TIFF 341kB Apr4 12)
NAGT Logo-Stacked Black (EPS) ( 354kB Apr4 12)
White Logo w/ Transparent Background
NAGT Logo-Stacked White (a 487 by 675 pixel WebP)
NAGT Logo-Stacked White (EPS) ( 342kB Apr4 12)

Standard usage of the stacked logo should be no smaller than 1" wide by .75" tall with at least .25" white space on all sides.

Horizontal Version

NAGT Logo-Horizontal Black (a 338 by 1649 pixel WebP)
NAGT Logo-Horizontal Black (a 338 by 1650 pixel WebP)
NAGT Logo-Horizontal Black (TIFF) ( 2.1MB Apr4 12)
NAGT Logo-Horizontal Black (EPS) ( 346kB Apr4 12)
White Logo w/ Transparent Background
NAGT Logo-Horizontal White (a 338 by 1649 pixel WebP)
NAGT Logo-Horizontal White (EPS) ( 341kB Apr4 12)

Standard usage of the horizontal logo should be no smaller than 2.25" wide and .5" tall with at least .25" white space on all sides.


The font used to render the "NAGT" embedded in the official logo is Eurostile Bold Extended 2.


The colors are 100% black, 70% black, and PMS (Pantone Matching System) 361. When printing materials in color, use files saved in CMYK mode rather than RGB. If PMS 361 cannot be used as a background color, choose a similar green or an earth-tone color on which the black logo displays with appropriate contrast and clarity.

Choosing an Appropriate File Format

When choosing which logo to use, you need to consider:

  • The space available in your design—Choose the logo that can be used at optimal sizing and staging/spacing
  • Your budget—When printing, black logos and black/70% black logos are less expensive than
    projects with PMS 361 in their lettering or background. On the web, either can be used for the same cost. If printing a logo in color and printing commercially, use files labeled CMYK.

Web Use.jpg, .png (.gif)
Ink Jet/Laser Printing of .doc Documents
Want a transparent background on a color block/colored paper?
.eps, .jpg, .pdf, .png (.gif)
use .eps, .pdf
Commercial Printing in Black and White.eps, .jpg, .pdf, .png (.gif)
Commercial Printing in Color (CYMK Files)
Want a transparent background on a color block/colored paper?
.eps, .jpg, .pdf
use .eps, .pdf
Enlarging Logos for Signs, Banners.eps

Section and Division Logos

NAGT section and division logos are also available for download in these formats.

Initials-Only Option

The initials NAGT in Eurostile Bold Extended 2 may be used separate from the mountains graphic if space is tight. It is strongly recommended that printed materials using them also include - in the text or in a headline or subhead nearby - the words "National Association of Geoscience Teachers" in a matching or compatible typeface.

Inappropriate Use of Logos

Do NOT use the mountains graphic in the logo by itself to identify NAGT.

Do NOT use .jpg or .png files on solid background colors. They do not have transparent backgrounds and you'll end up with white boxes like this one.

No background colors other than earth tones.

Recommended Secondary Headline and Body Typefaces

The following typefaces are recommended for use with NAGT logos when the logo is included with additional text.

Compatible Headline Fonts

  • Arial bold
  • Arial Narrow bold
  • Calibri bold
  • Eurostile bold Myriad Roman
  • Haettenschweiler
  • Helvetica bold
  • Impact regular
  • Helvetica Neue condensed bold
  • Myriad Pro black, bold, semibold 
  • Myriad Pro bold condensed, semibold condensed 
  • Tahoma bold
  • Trebuchet MS bold
  • Verdana bold

Compatible Body Text Fonts

  • Cambria regular
  • Garamond regular
  • Minion Pro regular
  • Myriad Pro regular
  • Optima regular
  • Palatino regular
  • Times regular
  • Times New Roman regular
  • Verdana regular