NAGT Identity Guidelines and Standards

The guidelines and standards that follow are provided to facilitate the appropriate and effective use of the graphic identity standards of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

The NAGT Logo

The logos of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers contain two elements, a graphic representation of mountains that suggests the environmental nature of the work we do and the initials of the association's name. They are available in two configurations (stacked and horizontal) and in both black and two-color (black-and-green and white-and-green) combinations. These are available for download. Use the version that best fits your budget and your means of production. (See Choosing the Best Logo for the Job.)

Sizing and Staging/Spacing

For the logo to create a consistent impact on printed and electronic materials, it is critical for it to be sized appropriately and for it to be surrounded by ample space. Standard usage of the stacked logo should be no smaller than 1" wide by .75" tall. Standard usage of the horizontal logo should be no smaller than 2.25" wide and .5" tall. In both cases, staging (the clear space around the logo) should be at least .25" on all sides. Increase staging proportionally as logo size increases.

Logo Colors

The colors used in the NAGT graphic identity system are 100% black, 70% black, and PMS 361, a bright green formulated to the specifications in the Pantone Matching System®, the standard used by printers throughout the nation. To assure uniform usage these colors are embedded in the logos. [N.B., When printing materials in color, you need to use files saved in CMYK mode rather than RGB, which is best suited to online use.]

If PMS 361 cannot be used as a background color, for reasons of economy or another significant consideration, choose a similar green or an earth-tone color on which the black logo displays with appropriate contrast and clarity.

The Primary Typeface

The font used to render the "NAGT" embedded in the official logo is Eurostile Bold Extended 2. This is a display font, i.e., a font intended for use in headlines, but not generally used in blocks of text. It is available at a relatively low cost (see, but using it in printed materials is not required or recommended, due to the fact that it is a typeface that takes up a great deal of space. Use instead one of the secondary typefaces recommended below.

Recommended Secondary Headline and Body Typefaces

The following compatible low- or no-cost typefaces are recommended for use with NAGT logos. Those with * are bundled with Microsoft Office; those with + are bundled with Mac OS X.

Compatible Headline Fonts

  • Arial bold *+
  • Arial Narrow bold *
  • Calibri bold *
  • Eurostile bold Myriad Roman
  • Haettenschweiler *
  • Helvetica bold+
  • Impact regular *
  • Helvetica Neue condensed bold +
  • Myriad Pro black, bold, semibold
  • Myriad Pro bold condensed, semibold condensed
  • Tahoma bold +
  • Trebuchet MS bold *
  • Verdana bold *

Compatible Body Text Fonts

  • Cambria regular *
  • Garamond regular *
  • Minion Pro regular
  • Myriad Pro regular
  • Optima regular +
  • Palatino regular +
  • Times regular +
  • Times New Roman regular *
  • Verdana regular *+